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Listen to the answers and discussion to these questions:

  • What is totally different about the way that teens are dealing with the world today?
  • Relationships are so different today with the echo that is left online. How can they navigate it?
  • Parents have such an important role in all of this with teenagers. Find out more about what that role is and
    how we can do it well.
  • There are some trends coming down the trail that we need to be aware of.
  • Education is essential. Don’t hide from the technology that is out there. Let your kids practice at home with specific restrictions and teach them the correct way to use technology.
  • You will be surprised what your kids encounter and where they encounter it. How do we handle it?
  • Restrict vs. modeling the use of digital platforms. What is the balance?

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  • Always make sure you share the whys behind the whats so kids understand the restrictions along the way. Kids will remember the conversations when they make their own choices.
  • Img 4599Hear how Julie and her husband have talked to their kids about “smart choices” and “dumb choices” and why they used those terms.

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