Have you thought, “there’s no way I would ever invade my child’s privacy on their phone,” THEN it happened to you; they were contacted by a cyber stranger and your intuition was screaming at you to take a deeper look into the digital world they are living? There are 75,000 online predators using social media and online gaming communities to get to our kids.

Sherrie, an amazing mom says:
“Had to go through my girls’ Instagram and delete a ton of men and teenage boys we don’t know, trying to follow them, and change their settings. I used to go through it every few weeks, I think I will go through it everyday now! Not today pedophiles, not today 😡

There are many ways to “monitor” your child’s digital activity or just be involved, but here are a few tools if you decide to use them that can help. Not listed is WebSafety.

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Here’s an updated informational video. Please let us know if you have questions and tools you have used?



What’s your story? Have you had an experience like this?




Monitoring tool suggestions:

Circle Home Plus

Parenting Controls for Internet and Mobile Devices | Control Apps, Set Screen Time Limits and Block Content



Good for Google Chrome Books

Manage, supervise, and protect your child’s mobile devices and computers anywhere anytime.

Protect your family on the internet, limit screen time, manage apps and track location.

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