Do you know what your child is doing on their smartphones and other devices? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the ambiguity, but don’t know where to start? I have been there with my teen. Since the release of iPhones and social media Apps 10 years ago, suicide, self-harm, and anxiety in teens has increased drastically. We are the first generation of parents that have to navigate this uncharted territory. The digital world isn’t going anywhere, but there are a lot of positive parts to it as well! I’d love to help you know where to start. Our goal is to keep your child emotionally and mentally healthy in the digital world they live in. We will chat and discuss some relevant topics like social media apps and digital relationships. You leave with tools that will equip you to set up healthy digital boundaries for your child.

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What will I receive?

  • Discussion questions to start the tough digital conversation with your child.
  • A parent-child smartphone agreement
  • A digital wellbeing self-check-up for your child.


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Option 2: 1 PM PST

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