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Family Life

Screen Time: A Reward or Consequence? | Counselor’s Perspective on Setting Digital Boundaries.

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Is Your Teen Struggling With Who They Are? How to Help Your Teen With Their Identity In a Digital World

Emotional Health

Protect Your Kids: What to do About Dangerous Messages Embedded in YouTube Kids and Other digital Content

What all parents need to know about suicide and sexual content on social media and YouTube Kids. While YouTube is on blast right now (and rightly so), the awareness of suicidal content can not be limited to that one platform. Read More

Family Life

A Celebration of the African American Advocates, Activists and Trailblazers who have Paved the way

As we celebrate Black History Month, we hope that the conversation continues year round about the people that have shaped history, who have not received the dues they deserve. We can learn so much from these “hidden figures” and inspirational teens. Read More

Family Life

What a Mom Discovers when she Plays Fortnite with her 9-Year-Old | Info for Parents About the Gaming World

Parents, we often feel lost in the gaming communities our kids are involved in. Watch a mom play Fortnite with her son and gain all the info you need to make the right choices for your child in the gaming world they live in. Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Where Hashtags Lead | How to Protect Your Teen

The hashtag #Depressed has 10+ million posts and growing on Instagram. Read More


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Social Media & Cyber Safety contributing articles | Info for parents navigating the teen years

Bree Jensen talks all things teens as a freelance journalist for Family Circle. Find your topics that relate and join the conversation. Everything from digital wellbeing to funny mom moments. Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

How to Learn, Establish and Enforce Digital Boundaries in your Child’s Life

Learning boundaries is one of the hardest life lessons and one of the most important ones to our mental health. We need to incorporate relationship boundaries, communication boundaries, emotional boundaries into our digital lives. Read More


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School Life & Friendships

Youth Advocate’s Perspective: Los Angeles Unified Teachers Strike Info and Thoughts for an Insider

January 14th marked the first day of the Los Angeles Unified teachers strike where more than 30,000 teachers took to the picket lines against the 2nd largest district in the nation. Read More

Social Media & Cyber Safety

Counselor’s Perspective: Social Media and Teens How it is Affecting Our Youth from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

The data is slowly coming in on the impact of social media on our kids. A Licensed Mental Health Counselor shares her resources and experience on our "Counselor's Perspective" segment. Read More


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