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Tools, insight, and support for the teen years.

The teen years can be challenging especially with the added pressure of the digital world. As a parent, educator, or youth worker, there is nothing more complicated or critical than keeping our kids safe, healthy, and able to navigate an ever-changing modern world. We provide resources, support, and workshops to help our kids stay emotionally and mentally healthy. Let’s Talk Teens specializes in social media and digital wellbeing. 

I’ve been passionate about teen issues since I was a peer counselor for high school students wanting to commit suicide. For the past 16 years, I’ve been zigzagging across the country talking to families, schools, and communities about the harrowing realities and beautiful victories they experience. All too often, so many people – teens and adults alike – come up to me and say, “I need help but don’t know how to ask or where to find it.”

Having lived through my own life challenges, I know the journey can be long and at times feel hopeless. But I have seen what some support, tools, and encouragement can do to help young adults overcome their greatest challenges. And now with a teenager of my own, I’m experiencing them first-hand as a parent.

I created Let’s Talk Teens so you don’t have to wing it or feel alone when it gets hard. (Bonus if it brings some comfort or a laugh when you need it 🙂 I hope it gives you a place to find and share insight, wisdom, and practical tools with a supportive online community. Above all, may it help you raise the authentic, emotionally healthy teens the world needs.



Bree Jensen

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